Biowink is a professional network of organic cosmetics makers organized by the company IC Pharma.

We have selected them for the quality of the work and the use of active and natural composants.

Within few years, they have made a consequent place in the europeen market and get the high recognition of the consumers.

Supported with these successes, IC pharma dediced to offer to the vietnamese the benefits of the Biowink products.

We are glad to introduce you to a consequent range of organic certified and inovative products. These will participate soon to the health and beauty of your skin.

The Biowink selection includes some specialized brands for all kind of people in regards of their age and kind of skin.

Suncoatgirls nail polishes and crazyrumors lip balms are suitable for younger girls. They will be able to look beautiful like mom without damaging their skin.
Then, Lady Green and Manetik organic cosmetics are suitable for older children, adolescents and young adults. These products reduce skin and acne problems. You will have a sharper face.

The Omum range is more suitable for women and especially those who are pregnant. The products are adapted to the sensitivity of mothers and the tensions exerted on the skin during pregnancy. This will make it easier for them to find their former skin.
Guerande cosmetics are made from rich components from salt marshes to balance the skin.
Helixium care with snail mucus extract helps reduce wrinkles and enrich the skin. (animals are raised under strict sanitary and biological conditions)

Multiderm is a range of skincare products for those who want to keep their skin white.
 Belice products serve the whole family in their daily lives while respecting nature with its ecological packaging.

Finally, we invite you to consult our food supplements to improve your health and well-being.

As you desserve the best products to get the best treatment, please consult these selections online.

Feel also free to contact us for any question that you may have about them or the biowink services. You can also prebook them online before their introduction to the market in december.

We look forward to serving you.

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