CREATING a new agri-organic field

Guerande cosmetics are an ocean gift. In addition to salt, Guérande marshes hold plenty of other natural resources: Mother-Waters, plants, algae, clay, and more.

Guérande Cosmetics has created a new field, harvesting these natural resources. They extract the active cosmetic ingredients, while respecting this unique ecosystem’s balance.


to conceive, formulate, test and produce Guérande Cosmetics.

Through several years’ research, both in the Guérande Salt marshes and in the formulation and test laboratories, we have identified and characterized our active ingredients, and incorporated them into our cosmetic’s formulas.

We respect nature throughout our processes, from the original natural environment to product manufacturing. As an expert in natural and organic cosmetics, our laboratory selects active ingredients and materials. Then, it designs innovative formulations with ecologic methods.